Anna is drawn to the nature of the in-between spaces that we increasingly inhabit, be they architectural- of the domestic, city or landscape- virtual, or atmospheric. She is interested in how our perception of place through different media such as literature or film, or media itself affects our experience of the world. In particular, she is interested in exploring ‘women’s experiences’ in relation to notions of place, space and architecture.

Anna works iteratively in terms of processes and an approach to making. This includes drawing, installation and photography- mostly film photography. The temperamental nature of film, and the way colour and light play are crucial and can be a starting point for a narrative. Writing and research also play a part in how projects come together. 

She is interested in the certain strangeness that can be evoked through the placement of objects in spaces, whether these are found, or objects made by herself. This also extends to a particularity in the placement of lines on paper, or subjects composed in photographs or on screens. There is always a certain ambiguity; there is an element of repetition, or images are purposefully cropped or obscured, making us question what it is we think we are seeing.

© Anna Columbine 2020