Ambiguous Spaces (Cinemas) Cornerhouse Projects, 2015, Cornerhouse

Unusual rubble is dispersed among dark and seemingly empty spaces; ambiguous figures occupy an otherwise abandoned underground space: setting the scene for the near future of the Cornerhouse cinemas. Whilst hinting towards materials of the new building –shiny surfaces, blocks and bricks- there is an underlying feeling of the unknown and uncertainty, once the building is left vacant and obsolete…

There will be 4 works on show at Cornerhouse, which are part of a series of 10.

There was also been an accompanying zine produced, Ambiguous Spaces (Cinemas), in collaboration with Henry Press (, featuring all of the odd and ambiguous imagery of the series. This was available to purchase from the Cornerhouse Bookshop and Magma in Manchester.

Ambiguous Spaces
Series of 10 35mm photographs
A selection of 4 exhibited at Cornerhouse, Manchester
February 2014

© Anna Columbine 2020