Colour Mapping - Twin Cities
Coventry Biennial 2019, The Twin

This commissioned project is the culmination of over one years work with Coventry-based photographer and artist, Adele Mary Reed. 

Anna Columbine is an artist based in Manchester who has been commissioned to produce five new artworks in response to Adele Mary Reed’s photographs - one new artwork for each city that adele visited.

In these works Anna translates colours taken directly from Coventry’s twin cities into a series of loose paint swatches, complete with notes about how to recreate these colours. She describes the significanec of colour to the works by saying:

“Colour mapping seeks to pinpoint the colour and feeling of an image or place.”

Anna has been working closey with Adele on this body of work. This has created new relationships between artists as well as their artworks.’ 

The project is part of Coventry Biennial 2019, The Twin at The Herbert Art Gallery and will be open until and including Saturday 25 January 2020. The Biennial Festival ran from 3 October - 24 November 2019 in various venues accross the city. 

Colour Mapping - Twin Cities (2019)
From left to right - Caen, Bologna, Graz, Dresden, Arnhem
Installation images at The Herbert Art Gallery
Vitrines containing photographs by Adele Mary Reed

Images courtesy of Coventy Biennial and MartinSZ Photography