Colour Mapping- Versions (2017) is new a body of work first shown at the exhibition In Nothing Flat, held at Old Granada Studios in November 2017.

Colour Mapping seeks to pinpoint the colour and feeling of an image or place. In this particular series, Versions, through numerous mixtures and combinations of paint, the true colours of the images themselves are attempted to be found and replicated. The discrepancies between hand-printed photographs and photographs that have been processed elsewhere are a key exploration here. Fuelling this work is ongoing research into space, place and modern anxieties surrounding image culture, and the undergoing changes that surround us as technology takes us into new realms.

These pieces question our habits of perception, but also become an exciting exploration into methods and materials. They continue an investigation and interest into the flatness and colours found in film photography, the tactility of material and the materiality of film, and how they can intertwine with each other.

Presented here are 5 pieces, however the series is ongoing.

In Nothing Flat marks the conclusion of the StudioBook 2017 programme, which is an intensive development programme for visual artists working in any discipline ran by Mark Devereux Projects. It comprised of four elements- regular one to one mentoring sessions, StudioBook Fortnight in July (which brought 27 leading arts professionals to Old Granada Studios to deliver 122 varied professional development sessions), a Commission to Collect opportunity with University of Salford, and production and presentation opportunities, resulting in the exhibition of new or existing work for In Nothing Flat.

Colour Mapping- Versions, Old Granada Studios (2017)
Printed 35mm photographs, hand printed c-type photographs, gouache on paper.
5 framed works.

Selected photographs taken by Daniel Walmsley Photography

© Anna Columbine 2020