An invisible space, a transmission, a wireless environment; withdrawn from the atmosphere, tactile and tangible.

Black windows which peer into dense, dark, unknown spaces.

Creating work that is other wordly, glossy and seductive: surfaces and objects that are representative of what we look for within our interfaces.

Degree show, which displays my commission for the Vertical Galleries at Manchester School of Art; an upscaled Tactile Transmission, 3m in length, glossy and other-wordly..

Previously stated:
'Exploring the potential of lead, initially experimented with because of its signal stopping capabilities. Lead is intriguing with regards to its material properties such as its flexibility, weight and surface quality.

The pieces are used as props or objects to provoke intrigue, unnerve or disrupt; representing the space in-between the real or the virtual.'

Inspired by the writings of Blanka Earhart, there is an accompanying 'zine, which explores final major project ideas regarding surface/interface and influenced the development of using white lead for its glossy surface quality...

'The visual slickness, conceptual logic, and other-wordly dimension the internet inhabits is seductive.'

Printed on slightly sparkly paper, giving it a glossy sheen and slickness.

Tactile Transmission, Installation, Vertical gallery
(3m (w) 1m (h) 0.4 (d), sitting 3m high on the wall).
Vertical Gallery Commission

Photography and 'zines, Textiles in Practice Degree Show Space, Benzie Building.

Manchester School of Art, Degree Show, June 2014

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