I was invited to create work for an exhibition at Havas Lynx- an international advertising company, working mainly in healthcare, based on Princess Street, Manchester.

A photography exhibition- featuring North West based artists, responding to the phrase and interpreting their philosophy of Helpful Change.


Stemming from an interesting in technology and materials, I have been looking into metamaterials; materials that 'go beyond' what is tangible. They are composite materials of the future, artificially constructed for use in science, to control and manipulate light, sounds and other physical phenomena.

They can be used to view viruses, view organs, and they are unlike any other material in their composition. They are still relatively unknown, and I have conveyed their existence through making and photography to produce images that are intriguing and otherworldly.

Helpful Change, with Havas Lynx
4 images, digitally printed 35mm photographs

© Anna Columbine 2020