Tactile Transmission (Skin) 

'Showcasing work that redefines notions of identity and sexuality, and examines our sensory experiences of the exterior world...thought provoking and challenging the perceptions we have of ourselves, probing us to reconceive our experiences of the world around us.'

My ideas and inspiration for the work has developed from my research into how technology and the interface have impacted on the human experience. This lead me to read the essay Sex, Crash and Rock 'n' Roll or Strategies for Acquiring a Virtual Extension by Blanka Earhart, where ideas for the piece came to realisation.

"The visual slickness, conceptual logic, and other-worldy dimension the internet inhabits is seductive"
-B. Earhart.

Creating work that is otherworldly, glossy and seductive: surfaces and objects that are representative of what we look for within our interfaces...The pieces also have a visual reference to scenes of Cronenbergs 'Crash', with the unusual fleshy tones, mangled forms, with structural qualities...

Blanka Earhart's essay can be found under the 'links' section of this website.

Tactile Transmission (Skin), was developed from the original body of work, Tactile Transmission, for the Skin exhibition, Penthouse Gallery NQ, Manchester, May 2014.

35mm Photographs, various sizes. May 2014

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